Moet Ice Rose 75cl


ลัง 12 ขวด - 27500 บาท ลัง 6 ขวด - 14000 บาท


The profile of each wine was meticulously chosen for its specific contribution to the assemblage:

A majority of Pinot Noir wines (45% -55%, of which 10% red wine). Angular and vinous, these wines were chosen for both the intensity of the fruit and the structural integration of the dosage. 

Pinot Meunier wines (35%-45%, of which 10% red wine). Round and fleshy, these wines were selected to add richness and middle notes of harmony and suppleness. 

Chardonnay wines with a polished acidity (5%-10%) for a refreshing finish

20% to 30% of especially selected reserve wines round out the assemblage by enhancing its intensity, richness and consistency. 
Dosage: 38 g/liter

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