Choya Extra Years 70cl (17%)


ลัง 12 ขวด - 9500

Categories : Liqueur Choya


Plum wine does not get much plum-ier than this! The umeshu plum wine in this large glass bottle has been made using the traditional Japanese recipe, by stewing ume plums in a solution of strong shochu alcohol and sweetener until it turns a golden brown colour and has an intense sweet/sour taste. The addition of whole plums gives this umeshu an extra fruity kick.

Item Detail
Category: Umeshu & Others, Sake and More
Maker: Choya Umeshu
Size: 700 ml
Alcohol Content: 17%

Umeshu, or plum wine, is not really a wine at all. However, it is similar to wine in that both beverages tend to have a strong fruity taste that balances sweet and sour. This makes umeshu an ideal gift for fans of wine or sweeter alcohols. Take a look at Japan Centre's umeshu range for more sensational fruity alcohols.

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