Cafe Creme Arome


Total 100rolls


Total : 5 x 20
Country of Origin: Netherlands
Brand : Café Crème
Style : Cigar 
FLAVOUR : Tobacco


This brand doesn’t need an introduction. Cafe Creme is loved by millions of smokers all over the world. Over a century this Dutch company imports best tobacco from Cuba, Indonesia and Colombia to create a unique blend of tobacco that has perfect flavor and unforgettable smoke. These efforts couldn’t have been left unnoticed – Henri Wintermans Cafe Creme is known as the world’s most popular cigarillos. It’s hard to find a smoker who has never tried this brand. Cigarillos are loved by both cigarette and cigar smokers. First like cigarillos for their top quality tobacco and rich flavor and the last enjoy cigarillos when they don’t have enough time for a cigar. Cigarillos by Henri Wintermans come in several varieties – Cafe Creme (Mild, Arome and Filter Arome) and darker stronger version Corona (Half Corona).



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